To enter the healing conversation of earth, birth, and empowerment

for future generations to come.

Physical portal:

To honor the sacred, perhaps introducing it to some - helping others remember...

Celebrate rites of passage 

Remerging the balance of masculine/feminine through gatherings, ceremony, &

Reuniting with our sacred Self through drum journeying.


...The Red Yurt Project...

Is more than just a presence and sacred center, it is a movement to establish the connection of such offerings outward in the world like ripples of a pebble in water.

The time is now. More than ever we need a space to come together in person.


"In my culture, woman is the first environment" - Katsi Cook, midwife of the Mohawk Nation


We celebrate the sacred feminine through:

Empowering the Youth through our Maiden Seasons Program!

Gathering in ceremony to reclaim and remember rites of passage lost.

Creating and building community to dream in new ceremony and remember old.

Honoring all walks and ways, with no hidden economic agenda.

Empowering the youth and establishing a new generation of leaders & leadresses.

Healing the Earth through the rebirth of culture & establishing subcultures.

Respecting birth as sacred not faulty.

Educating women and families about natural childbirth, pregnancy and birth as woman's rite to be empowered, and conscious informed decision-making...

the Intention is Clear

The Red Tent Temple Movement is happening... women all over the world are remembering our birthright that is sisterhood, ceremony, prayer, and connection to Earth Mother.

Sister Circles & Moon Gatherings are a shared part of the collective unconscious and here at the RYP, we are protecting that flame and howling...


The space...

located in Bakersfield, VT (the Red Yurt) and Jeffersonville VT (out of Stepping Stone Yoga Studio) is a creative place for rest & renewal, learning, sharing, shaping, gathering, and discovery. 


Offered here at the Red Yurt Project:

Doula hire, Yoga, Circle gatherings, workshops, Coming of Age ceremonies, talks, Drum Journesys, Blessingways, classes, Moon groups, and so much more.  All by-donation ONLY.

Moonlodge Hours

This sacred space is not new to us; where women gather in support and encouragement, to retreat during the time if one's moon cycle.

Celebrate Rites of Passage the right way, with a sisterhood we build together...

A Call to Youth

We are looking to build leaders and empower girls to trust and respect their bodies

by showing them their true worth, assisting the transition into women with mentor-ship and outreach projects,

to empower girls to be confident in their own skin and help them bring that confidence out into the world...

Now offering monthly maiden circles Sign up HERE

Birth Protectors

We hostess monthly Doula circles for birth workers of all walks of life to attend, share, and grow. Register HERE


Midwifing Leaders & Facilitators 

Sister Circles: Next gathering HERE

Moon Gatherings: Next gathering HERE

Mens groups/Brother Circles:  Inquire HERE

Birth Stories & other storytelling: Inquiries HERE

Tabula rasa (the slate is blank, dream up your offering... and collaborate with us to make it come true!)

Now Seeking...

Interviews to join  the team




Click HERE to get involved


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