Pregnancy, Childbirth, Postpartum healing/Breastfeeding, & Motherhood-Sisterhood...

A cycle that, not only continues to propel the human species into the future, but, is a rite of passage that connects us all to women whom experienced it in the past.


Sacred in the Round offers a continuity of care package that touches on  each aspect in the cycle of the Childbearing Year and beyond!

About Pippa

Working with Birth: Protecting the woman-centered childbearing year

Care of women and families during the childbearing year; educational and community building opportunites for girls; empowering mothers and grandmothers, labor and birth assistance doula care, story sharing, Yoga & Nature Meditation, Information gathering and sessions for parents and expecting couples, facilitating ceremony (blessingway, birth-day, initiation into pregnancy, drum healings, and more) at the Red Yurt.

[Standard Fees:]

If you need financial assistance, get in touch HERE


Prenatal Yoga


+1-session solo


+one-session for couple


+four-pack solo &/or couples


+9-sessions Prenatal Yoga

+1- Birth Partner couples session in prep for labor/birth

$17 group sessions (see schedule or find two other students to create a class!)


  • $1,050 Doula Care Package

+Free Initial interview/overview at the Red Yurt

+Information gathering for couple prenatally

+Prenatal consultation: includes a private Yoga session and discussion about your wishes, fears, and techniques to manage labor/birth, as well as, what 

I bring to the experience and what I am not.

+On-call day/night service during your "due month"

+Follow-up: This is a meeting we set up post birth, when you are ready, to clarify any information you might need from your Doula's perspective of the labor/birth. 

  • $700

+labor/birth Doula only

  • $300

+Labor-only Doula

prenatal/postnatal Hoop Yoga


+1 session private


+3-session private package

+1 Pippa Hippa Hoop

Healing Core:




+Anything of the above combination, consultation at Red Yurt by appointment.

To hear about my Experience and gather references call or email.

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