Care of women and families during the childbearing year; educational, empowerment, and community-building opportunites for girls & women as well as facilitation of ceremony (blessingway, birth-day, coming of age, sisterhood, moon circles, drum healings, and more) at the Red Yurt Project; labor and birth assistance "doula" care; Yoga & Meditation at Stepping Stone Yoga Studio; and connections with our community partners for more healthy opportunities for growth and positive transformation!

Hoop Yoga

A healing practice developed for practitioner to self-express his or her story through ChakravAlayasa. Blending: symbolic representation of the Circle of Life & Yoga posture...



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Hoop Yoga tutorials (YouTube)

Sacred Circle School of Hoop Dance

Therapeutic movement and self-expressive form through hooping arts...

Sacred Circle symbolism

The newest line of "Pippa Hippa Hoops" makes use of recycled cotton and yarn for wrapping & design, which allows our hoops to feel comfortable to the touch. 

Tapping into our highest quality dance hoops to date, these handmade hoops are arguably some of the highest quality on the market.

Literally sweet, Pippa's sacred circles are made from sugaring operation waste: Maple sugar farmers take their used tubing and either bury it or bring it to the land-fill... we choose to make our hoops 99% up-cycled in custom-crafted sizes, weights, colors, and thicknesses. Polypro and LED not available.

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